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Michelle Courtney is passionate about marketing, and advises her clients using a strategy and planning first before 'doing' philosphy.  The results speak for themselves.

WINTER marketing is a full-service passionate marketing and communications firm with strong experience across multiple sectors in strategy, digital marketing, publications and corporate documents, social media, copywriting and websites.


Our focus is on delivering bespoke, client-centred service and smart solutions which make a real difference to your business.

WINTER marketing was borne with a vision of putting the client's best interests first, using a strategic and 'planning before 'doing' philosophy.  We firmly believe that taking the time to review, plan, implement and monitor is the best way to ensure your goals are achieved. Our results speak for themselves.

At WINTER marketing we are passionate about delivering a high quality service that you can rely on to deliver your marketing and communication needs. With multi-sector/industry experience across Private and Public Health, Retail, State and Federal Government, Legal, Beauty Services, and Hospitality, we are in a strong position to support you.


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Phoenix Hair Society

“Professional from start to finish, the results speak for themselves. I wouldn't choose anyone else”

—  Jo Coleman, Owner

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